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September 11, 2016

MMO Reporter 271 - Post-PAX Party

With PAX behind us, Chris emerges from the depths of the video editing bay to talk to Carrie and Jason about their experience at PAX West 2016. The tired trio talk about their favourite moments from the convention!


September 5, 2016

MMO Reporter 270 - That Wasn’t It

Chris, Harry and Bill plunge deep into the world of gaming for this week's podcast, surfacing with their thoughts on No Man's Sky, a preview of MxM, a first look at World of Warcraft: Legion and much more!

Come see if the podcasters can survive the onslaught of gaming!


September 1, 2016

MMO Reporter 269 - And The Horse It Rode In On

Chris take a more confrontational approach to this week's show, putting Bill on the defensive without Harry to keep the peace. With tensions high, Bill and Chris discuss the Star Citizen Gamescom presentation, a serious bug that caused a rollback in Guild Wars 2, and the lottery that is Loot Crates in ESO.


August 24, 2016

MMO Reporter 268 - Overwhat?

Chris, Bill and Harry wade into the deep MMO News waters to talk about all that's going on in Elite: Dangerous, WoW's post-Legion patch, and a great quarter for Wildstar.


August 17, 2016

MMO Reporter 267 - Bill Succombs

Chris is positively giddy with the news that Wildstar has a positively not horrible quarter, and Bill finds it hard to believe. With the launch of No Man's Sky, NCSoft financials and much more on the agenda, this dynamic duo attacks the MMO news with ferocity.


August 8, 2016

MMO Reporter 266 - A Rift Opens

Chris and Bill jump into the swirling chasm of MMO news to delve into the secrets of Rift's new expansion, the demonic invasion on the horizon in Azeroth, and how social engineering is the best type of engineering.


August 3, 2016

MMO Reporter 265 - No love for No Man’s?

Chris and Bill tackle the world of MMO gaming news without the benefit of Harry's wisdom in this week's episode. Jumping in Tyria for Guild Wars 2 news before explore another universe in Starcraft Universe, they jump head first into the idea that No Man's Sky may be too sandbox for Chris.


July 26, 2016

MMO Reporter 264 - Harry are you there?

Chris and Bill hope that Harry speaks up during this week's episode of MMO Reporter. The terrible trio delves into the world of GW2 and its latest update, Chris' thoughts on Riders of Icarus and more!


July 18, 2016

MMO Reporter 263 - Pokemon MMO

The terrible trio unite once again to delve into the world of MMO games and share with you the latest and greatest news. This week's show has Chris, Bill and Harry talking Oculus Rift, Guild Wars 2 Living World updates, Turbine's shift to mobile, and much more!


July 2, 2016

MMO Reporter 262 - Harry Doesn’t Like Titles

Chris, Harry and Bill gather around the virtual campfire to talk MMOs in this week's episode. Conversation starts with our take on this year's Steam Summer Sale, followed by Chris screaming about the virtues of Wildstar, the possible apathy in the Guild Wars 2 community, and a few more gaming tidbits for your to enjoy.