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MMO Reporter 280 - Dead Computer in the Snow

December 22, 2016


Chris and Bill wade into the depth of the cold Canadian winter to scavange for computer parts as Chris' computer has died. Along the way, they discuss a new RPG from Riot Games and Bioware veterans, as well as Guild Wars 2's sPvP changes and the upcoming Nighthold Raid in World of Warcraft!

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What we did in game:


  • GW2
  • WoW


  • WoW
  • Rift
  • Gigantic
  • Titanfall 2


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Phoenix Labs (Former Bioware and Blizzard) announces new RPG - Dauntless

  • 4 player coop - not MMO


WoW Nighthold raid launches Jan 17th


 GW2 sPvP Season and Wintersday Live!

Press Release bellow

  • Queuing for ranked is now 1-2 ppl, no more 5-person groups
  • Pips no longer determine matchmaking
    • Pips determine rewards now
    • No more losing pips when losing matches
  • Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Legendary divisions (badge and rewards influence)
  • 10 placement matches required to set division (sounds familiar)
  • Inactive players will decay in ranking
  • Scoring updated to be raw stats now (dmg, healing etc).  No more “calculated” score
  • Skyhammer joining Ranked rotation; Stronghold leaving


Test World of Warships, get OP Boat

  • Become a supertester (invite only program), get a new ship!
    • Sounds good to me!
  • New ship is SUPER powerful, and only available for supertesters.
    • Oh
    • Very high tired ship
  • Insert community s#*tstorm here.


Quick Mention:

Seven Day free trial for Black Desert Online (via Massively OP)

  • Try out the game - its good.


What are you playing next week?


  • WoW
  • Rift
  • Gigantic
  • Titanfall 2



  • WoW
  • Rift, maybe

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Guild Wars 2 PvP Leagues Get Even Better with the Beginning of Season 5

Annual Wintersday Festival Also Begins Today; Lasts Through January 10th

PvP Leagues in Guild Wars 2 have received some major changes with the release of Season 5, which is now live. The main focus for season 5 is to provide players with a more competitive environment: accurately indicating skill level which will allow for more evenly matched competition against other players and giving more consistent rewards across the skill spectrum.

Some of the key highlights of Season 5 changes and additions include:

  •     PvP Leagues Rework: Leagues have been reworked in order to facilitate better matchmaking, to give a more accurate indication of an individual's skill level, and to be more rewarding.
  •     Better Matches: Matchmaking will no longer factor in pips when creating matches, and will instead focus more heavily on your matchmaking rating. This will increase the pool of eligible players that you can play against, thereby improving match quality and reducing queue times.
  •     Measuring Skill: Skill rating is a new visible value that represents a player's skill level for a ranked season. Pips will no longer factor into skill rating or prestige.
  •     Rewards: League pips will now be used exclusively as a mechanism for earning rewards. You will earn varying amounts of reward pips for wins and losses.
  •     Personal Score & Top Stats: Personal score has been removed from structured PvP games and stats have been condensed to a more meaningful "Top Stat" system:
  •     Overtime: Overtime has been added to conquest. When both teams have the same score at the time limit or both teams reach 500 points simultaneously, the game will enter overtime. Overtime ends when one team score becomes higher than the other or after 5 minutes have elapsed. In the case of a timeout, the winning team is chosen randomly.

A more detailed list of changes in Season 5 of PvP Leagues can be found in the official announcement which you can read here:

Additionally, today marks the beginning of the annual Wintersday festival in Guild Wars 2! Tyria will again be covered in holiday cheer. Players can expect daily achievements to earn fanciful new holiday weapons, the Snowball Mayhem competition, the return of the Winter Wonderland jumping puzzle and much more. More details on Wintersday can be found here: