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October 8, 2015

[PAX Prime 2015] Dragon Fin Soup Interview with Hunter Strutz

Carrie sits down with Hunter Strutz from Grimm Bros to talk about their game Dragon Fin Soup. Taking the fairy tales you know and throwing them together in a classic console style RPG, the game promises some very unique gameplay and story.



October 8, 2015

[PAX Prime 2015] Dragon Fin Soup RAW Gameplay

A look at Dragon Fin Soup, a classic console style RPG game from Grimm Bros. This is RAW video from the PAX show floor.


October 7, 2015

[PAX Prime 2015] Celestial Tear Impressions

Carrie gets a chance to check out Celestial Tear, and 8-bit style RPG at PAX Prime 2015 and lets us know what she thinks.

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