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December 27, 2016

MMO Reporter 281 - Hobbits will shape the future


Chris and Bill take an unexpected journey into the world of MMOs to discuss the news of the creation of Standing Stone Games, the end of Asheron's Call, and the addition of player housing to Elder Scrolls Online.

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December 22, 2016

MMO Reporter 280 - Dead Computer in the Snow


Chris and Bill wade into the depth of the cold Canadian winter to scavange for computer parts as Chris' computer has died. Along the way, they discuss a new RPG from Riot Games and Bioware veterans, as well as Guild Wars 2's sPvP changes and the upcoming Nighthold Raid in World of Warcraft!

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December 13, 2016

MMO Reporter 279 - Gigantic Problems


This week's episode features a highlight from a recent stream by Bill and Chris as they attempted to play Gigantic on the first night of Open Beta. While there were some issues during this stream, Chris does discuss his experience the following day.

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December 7, 2016

MMO Reporter 278 - December Drought


Chris and Bill gather their strength and venture into the deep dark night of MMO news to bring you this week's best stories. With Black Desert Online merging ser..... ummm.... moving to mega server architecture, Final Fantasy 14's free login campaign, EVE's new player experience and more!

November 28, 2016

MMO Reporter 277 - I like the game, but not the people in it!


Chris and Bill return to form with the first podcast with both of them in over a month! With renewed energy, they tackle the Combat Logging issues in Elite: Dangerous, SWTOR's expansion Q&A, legal issues at Project: Genome and Chris' extensive list of games that he played while away.

November 23, 2016

MMO Reporter 276 – Do Not Take Our Investment Advice! Just don’t!

Bill and Jason would like to clarify to everyone – don’t invest money on our advice! Not experts!

Now that that’s hopefully clear, in this show we talk up the new crowdfunding option that Crowfall is using at IndieGoGo, go over the new Rift expansion, Starfall Prophecy, gush about Quaggan shields and more!


November 9, 2016

MMO Reporter 275 - The Long Blizzcon

Bill and Jason nominate themselves as the best-looking Blizzcon experts on the whole entire podcast.  We also discuss a bit of Guild Wars 2 news, VR experiences and more!


October 30, 2016

MMO Reporter 274 - Neptunian Visit

With Chris out of the studio, Bill wrangles a guest host in the form of Jason to take on this week's MMO news. With stories coming in from across the megaverse, the terrible two discuss the Nintendo Switch announcement, the legendary GW2 armory, striking voice actors and more!


October 18, 2016

MMO Reporter 273 - Cinematic Heaven

Chris and Bill take a journey through the twisting paths of MMO news on this week's show, exploring the wide vistas of WoW's patch 7.1, the serene canyons of Rift's Fortress Sieges, and the spectacular heights of the new Final Fantasy XIV expansion. Along the way they stop to rest and discuss Dual Universe, SWTOR and more!


October 10, 2016

MMO Reporter 272 - About that Episode Number

Chris and Bill wade the fiery waters of MMO news and manage to net some news from Amazon Game Studios' annoucement of their new games, Guild Wars 2 continuing of the Living World Season 3 story, a great view comparing Camelot Unchained and Crowfall and more!

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